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LFP Wide-Opening

LFP Wide-Opening-image
Long Reach makes the most durable fork positioners on the market. They are ideal for industries such as:
  • Manufacturing, where a wide variety of load widths must be handled by a lift truck at any given time.
  • Lumber yards, where dirt, debris and stress would destroy lighter fork positioners.
  • Utility companies, where the heavy transportation of varied length load such as power poles are common.
LFP Fork Positioners Specs LFP Fork Positioners Instalación y mantenimiento Fork positioners eliminate the need to manually reposition heavy forks, which could lead to back injuries from bending and lifting. Long Reach fork positioners use hydraulically positioned forks to allow for easy, accurate spacing. This model permits quick and accurate positioning of forks to handle various load widths. Keeping the driver in the seat maximizes productivity. The heavy-duty fork positioner features an easy-to-install bolt-on design and dual fork positioning cylinders for superior arm speed performance, therefore maximizing load handling efficiency. The LFP series fork positioner achieves maximum fork opening by allowing forks to open wider than the body of the attachment. This allows extended fork spreads for handling wide loads such as lumber, poles, pipe, etc. while still being able to fit through narrow aisles when the forks are retracted. "Repair-In-Place" serviceability means no-lube polymer wear strips can be replaced in just minutes.
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