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LFD Multi-Pallet Handlers

LFD Multi-Pallet Handlers-image
  • Handles one or two pallets at a time
  • Mechanically positioned inner forks
  • Side shifting included, equal fork movement
  • Loop-style 48” backrest standard
LFD Multi-Pallet Handlers Specs LFD Multi-Pallet Handlers Instalación y mantenimiento

LFD Multi-Pallet Handlers

  • Increase productivity and reduce cost with a Long Reach multi-pallet handler. You can efficiently handle either one or two pallets.
  • Bolt-on or quick mounting hook options.
  • Flow divider for equal arm movement.
  • Easy installation—no welding required.
  • Low-profile, see-through body and loop-type backrest provide operator with an unobstructed view of floor level and second tier stacking heights.
  • Standard model handles popular CHEP and GMA pallets.
  • Models designed specifically for the beverage industry are available.


  • Heavy duty bronze sideshift hooks ensure long service life.
  • High capacity wear strips keep arms rigid.

No-fuss Maintenance

  • Service cylinders from the front.
  • Interchangeable outer and inner forks.
  • “Repair-N-Place” serviceability means no-lube polymer wear strips can be replaced in just minutes—your load stays grease-free.

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