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The IAWP-15 represents cutting edge technology and durability while striving to be the safest, most rugged and cost-effective aerial work platform in the industry. This unit is ready to take on the most demanding rental fleet challenges across a broad range of applications and eliminates the need for scaffolding, scissor lifts, push units and ladders. IAWP-15™ Specs Unmatched performance The IAWP-15 features a platform height of 15′ 2″ and a working height of 21′ 8″. The machine’s unique platform, mast and cylinder design allows for an unheard of unrestricted platform capacity of 616 lbs! Dual platform decks extend without sacrificing any platform capacity. Its compact size and zero inside turn radius allows the operator to easily maneuver the machine throughout the worksite, and the IAWP-15 can be driven through standard doors from the platform. Easy-to-operate, one-hand proportional controls allows for precise and safe operation of the unit. A wheel-locking device allows the operator to drive forward and backward in a straight line. With 35% gradeability, the IAWP-15 can easily climb a ramp or over beavertails into a truck, van or pickup. It also features a tow hook for roll-back trucks, and can be maneuvered using a removable platform control box. A large LCD readout in the ground module provides system diagnostics and status. Built in tilt sensor, flashing light and audible alarm are all standard features. Powered by four TROJAN 6Volt batteries, the IAWP-15 has a duty cycle of over 400 lifts and can drive over 5.6 miles on a single charge. Low-maintenance machine The unit’s revolutionary lifting system is a radical change in the lift structure in comparison to the design of competitive models. The IAWP-15 features an extruded aluminum alloy column that requires no maintenance. With this machine, there are no chains needing yearly inspection and no need to grease columns, resulting in a significant reduction in equipment maintenance costs and increased uptime - which in turn means increased profits. The IAWP-15 is the most durable, reliable, profitable and safest unit of its kind in the industry. Find out how it can help improve your bottom line.
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