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From overall design changes to improvements that enhance productivity, the newly redesigned Absolute E-Z Up ISP-11 is a durable, easy-to-use workhorse in a compact package. Known for unparalleled safety and productivity, the versatile ISP-11 eliminates the need for ladders and bulkier devices, increasing efficiency and lowering operational costs. ISP-11™ Specs
  Maximize Productivity. Increase Profits. Thanks to the innovative new design, the high-capacity, compact ISP-11 makes performing maintenance and material handling faster and easier. Hop on, turn the key, and the ISP-11 is ready to work in a matter of seconds. The ISP-11 features a proportional forward/reverse accelerator positioned close to the compartment’s lifting and lowering buttons, which may be operated while driving. All machine functions can be activated without the operator moving his/her hand from the accelerator. Boasting the highest capacities in the industry, the ISP-11 has a transport hood capacity of 249 lbs, an operator platform capacity of 287 lbs and a materials tray capacity of 198 lbs. The materials tray is electronically operated and can be adjusted with the simple push of a button. With a compact footprint of 31.8 in wide and 57 in long and a working height of 17 ft 6 in and a maximum platform height of 11 ft, the ISP-11 is the ideal solution for businesses with limited floor space and the need for a high-reach machine. Not your usual ‘stock picker’ The ISP-11 now features an anchor point on the back of the chassis where a hook can be fastened to a tow trailer carrying up to 440 lbs. Unparalleled performance The unit offers a maximum stowed drive speed of 3.54 mph and its innovative drive system allows for a complete rotation on its own axis and offers zero inside and 57 in outside turn radius, making it possible to operate the machine in close quarters. Powered by four 6V 245AH batteries, the ISP-11 can travel 18.5 miles on a single charge. Safety at every Level Several safety features are built into the ISP-11. A double-foot sensor, activated by the operator’s heels, ensures that both of the operator’s feet must be in a flat, stable position in order for the drive, lift and lower functions to activate. Additionally, the two-handed proportional drive system requires both hands be on the controls to activate the driving, lift and lower functions. Low cost of ownership The ISP-11′s covers are manufactured from a long-wearing, highly resistant material. Combined with its new closed canopy design and carbon bumper, the ISP-11 is ultra-resistant to damage. The revolutionary lifting system features an extruded aluminum alloy column that requires no maintenance. With this machine, there are no chains needing yearly inspection and no need to grease columns, resulting in a significant reduction in equipment maintenance costs and increased uptime - which in turn means increased profits. Industry-leading warranty All this, combined with AEUP’s industry-leading 10-5-1 Platinum Warranty, renders the ISP-11 the ideal solution for your maintenance and material handling needs. Compatible with NEW Transport Dolly™ The Transport Dolly™ is compatible with the AEUP ISP-11™ industrial stock picker. Combined with the ISP-11’s 200 lb capacity tray and the 249 lb capacity cargo hood, operators can now move 949 lbs of material or inventory in one trip. That’s almost half a ton.
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