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Our manufacturer, Bravi’s, long-term expertise in the business of overhead installation of ceiling and acoustic tiles and drywall led to the invention of an extraordinary device - the Absolute E-­Z Up® Rocker. Utilizing the Rocker greatly simplifies the positioning of materials, eliminates the need for manual dry­wall lifts and makes the job safer and easier. With the Rocker, what once was a two-person project is now safely a one-person task, saving manpower and reducing costs. ABSOLUTE E-Z UP® ROCKER™ Specs
  Comprised of a lightweight, electric-powered track and a detachable, adjustable cradle that holds and lifts materials, this simple yet ingenious attachment allows one man to lift materials without assistance. Activated directly from the platform by a simple push of a button, materials travel up the track and are held in the proper overhead location, which leaves the worker free to secure them to the joist(s). The cradle can be adjusted to hold panels up to 12 ft (3.65 m) and can lift up to 89 lbs (40 kg). The attachment can be adjusted to three different positions to allow for varied workman height. Total weight of the complete attachment is 99.2 lbs (45 kg). Tool-less assembly is a quick and simple process, and the Rocker can be removed with equal ease for convenient storage. Cotiza Aquí