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Turning Fork Clamp

Turning Fork Clamp-image
  • One clamp to handle almost anything
  • Cradle, clamp and sideshift from any fork position
  • Articulating, rubber-covered arm models for gentle handling
  • Rigid, tapered, all-grip, covered arm models for more rugged loads
Turning Fork Clamp Specs Turning Fork Clamp Instalación y mantenimiento
  • Triple your lift truck's capabilities with the Long Reach Turning Fork Clamp: Transport pallets in fork mode Pick cased goods and cartons in clamp mode Handle drums, tires and rolls in cradle mode
  • Forks hydraulically po-rotate smoothly to any position from horizontal to vertical on demand, no longer requiring the operator to close the clamp before activating the rotation feature
  • Simple, effective design delivers smooth, infinite indexing motion with only two moving parts and a hydraulic cylinder
  • Does not require special latches or any cranks
  • Optional articulated or fixed arms available to accommodate different applications
  • Rubber or Algrip arm surfaces available to meet handling needs
  • Rounded corners on bumpers and covers guard against load damage
  • Integrated hydraulics ensure protection for hydraulic hoses

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