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Why limit your lift truck to just the basic lifting and moving? With a Long Reach Rotator you can also rotate loads for dumping or hand picking. Rotators are popular in agricultural, automotive and plastic industries. Rotators Specs Long Reach CR Series Rotators are available in capacities of 3500 lbs (1600 kg) to 46,000 lbs (21,000 kg) and numerous fork and carriage bars sizes. This versatility is further expanded by its "bolt-together" design, which provides interchangeability of major components. The carriage bars can be replaced by unbolting one set and bolting on another, while the mounting bracket angle can be easily converter from 0° to 4°. CR Series rotators also feature high-strength ball bearing ring gears and large heat-treated teeth on both the ring and pinion gears, providing you with the strongest, most reliable rotator on the market. There are several important considerations when specifying a standard rotator. First, the load base (pallet, skid, parts bin, etc) must be closed so that the load doesn't fall off the forks when rotated. In addition, the load's VCG (Vertical Center-of-Gravity) must match the rotator's CR (Centerline of Rotation.) If the VCG is off by a significant amount, the load is off balance and may not be stable enough to rotate safely.
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