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Long Reach Broke Paper Clamps

Long Reach Broke Paper Clamps-image
The Broke Paper Clamp was developed specifically for the paper industry to stabilize scrap paper cuttings called "broke" while being transported. Clamping the broke allows the lift truck driver to move more material faster. Once the scrap is cleared away, the clamp arms swings up to a vertical position parallel to the mast, well out of the way, allowing normal lift truck operation. Long Reach Broke Paper Clamps Specs Long Reach Broke Paper Clamps Instalación y mantenimiento Other features include:
  • Handles broke paper, flattened cardboard cartons, waste packing paper and other similar materials while maintaining normal forklift operation
  • Developed specifically to stabilize scrap paper cuttings
  • Attachment wraps around truck carriage for minimum lost load thickness and center of gravity
  • Utilizes long-lasting chrome-plated cylinder rods and precision honed shells
  • Allows excellent operator visibility of load
  • Twin hydraulic cylinders exert firm, even pressure on load

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