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Long Reach Coated & Kraft Paper Roll Clamps

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Not all paper rolls are the same. Coated and recycled papers have much lower coefficients of friction than do most types of kraft paper. Proper handling of coated, slick paper therefore requires more clamping force. Long Reach recognized the need in the industry for specific solutions for different paper users and introduced the CPR and KPR Series of paper roll clamps. The CPR Series has the strength and clamping force to handle coated paper. The KPR Series efficiently handles a broad range of kraft-type papers with less clamp weight which usually means doing the same job with a smaller lift truck. Fixed or Positionable short arms. Which style do I need? Fixed: The economical choice: Fixed short arm clamps are designed for applications that do not require breakout of a wide range of roll diameters such as newspapers and small to medium size printers. A thin long arm profile is maintained when handling rolls close to the maximum diameter. Standard on all KPR clamps with capacities less than 5,000 lbs (2500 kg) and all CPR clamps with capacities of less than 4,500 lbs (2050 kg). Positionable: More versatile: Designed for mills, printers and converters that handle a wide range of roll diameters in breakout and warehouse operations or small butt rolls left over from production. Standard on all KPR clamps with capacities of 5,000 lbs (2500 kg) or greater and all CPR clamps with capacities of more than 4,500 lbs (2050 kg). Long Reach Coated Paper Roll Clamps Specs Long Reach Kraft Paper Roll Clamps Specs LRC&K Paper Roll Clamps Instalación y mantenimiento Paper Roll Clamp Features
  • KPR clamps are perfect for: newsprint, tissues, uncoated form and printing stocks, packaging, gypsum wallboard facing and more.
  • The CPR clamp's superior strength handles coated papers without sacrificing net truck capacity. Perfect for coated printing stocks, laminates, milk cartons, food containers and more.
  • Exclusive pad protectors shield outer surfaces of pads from abrasion while maintaining a thin, smooth surface to protect adjacent rolls.
  • Sure Grip contact pads protect roll from costly imprints.
  • Up Front Hydraulics lower effective thickness of clamp while allowing easy access to components with the clamp still attached to truck.
  • Uses larger-diameter pivot pins with added protection of heavy-duty, lubricated steel bushings.

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