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Long Reach Adjust-A-Force Carton Clamp

Long Reach Adjust-A-Force Carton Clamp-image
Palletless handling is growing in popularity as warehouse managers struggle to reduce costs and increase storage space. The concept is simple: pallets exist only to serve as a load base for forklift transportation. However, carton clamps change all that. By using a Long Reach Carton Clamp users can quickly handle unit loads without expensive pallets. The top-of-the-line LCC Adjust-A-Force will help increase the productivity of your lift truck drivers while protecting products from damage. What makes the Adjust-A-Force unique from "standard" articulating arm carton clamps is the arm design. Three fulcrums set in each arm (see photo at right) allow users to distribute the clamping force to fit the load being handled. Fine-tuning clamping force means less pressure is needed to hold the load and thus, less chance for damage such as creasing the bottom tier of cartons. By comparison, competing "standard" articulating arm carton clamps use CAMBER and TOE-IN (much like a car's wheels) to hold a load. By nature, this method exerts uneven force on the bottom and front of a load, which may lead to product damage. Available in capacities from 2,500 to 5,000 lbs (1140 to 2270 kg), an Adjust-A-Force model is available to fit practically any application. The LCC Series is based on the popular, patented Long Reach Repair-in-Place body. This body design uses UHMW polymer wearstrips which do not require grease and are easily serviced in just 30 minutes. No grease means less maintenance and less chances for product contamination. Long Reach Adjust-A-Force Carton Clamp Carton Clamp Specs Long Reach Adjust-A-Force Carton Clamp Instalación y mantenimiento
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