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Long Reach Integral Attachments

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When handling loads above 10,000 lbs, the integral attachment's reduced lost load center offers significant gains in net capacity over hang-on units. In all applications, regardless of capacity, the superior construction and rigidity of an integral provides longer life--particularly in tough, rugged environments. These durable units are designed, beginning with the OEM's mast specifications, to take the place of the standard carriage. From there we go on to make these units the most reliable carriages you can buy. We add features like fully welded steel construction, heat treated fork pins, serviceable precision cylinders and our exclusive Full Roller Design for sideshifting units. The Long Reach design carries the vertical load on heavy duty ball bearings and the hardened heel rollers bear the horizontal load. The result is smooth sideshifting action with loads from 8,000 to 100,000 lbs even in harsh applications. Sideshifting, Fork Positioning Integral Carriages Spec Sideshifting Integral Carriages Spec Slope Piling Integral Carriages Spec Pivot/Align Integral Carriages Spec Fork Positioning Integral Carriages Spec Double Sideshifting Carriages Spec Instalación y mantenimiento   Other features of the Long Reach integral attachment:
  • Sideshifts with top liner ball bearings and caged heal bearings ensure maximum durability and optimal performance.
  • For easy load handling and reduced handling damage, moves/repositions standard lift truck forks with a fork positioner that utilizes hydraulically positioned fork carriers
  • Securely hold a load with a clamp that allows you to handle loads without needing a pallet or dunnage
  • Speeds truck loading with the pivot/align carriages, allowing the operator to align the load to the side of the highway truck without jockeying the lift truck
  • Prevents load damage caused when side slope is encountered during loading by using an integral incline carriage with 10° to 12° of yaw potential.
  • Quickly inverts or dumps loads with a rotating attachment.

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